What Causes Electrical Fires?

Electricity is an important thing in our lives that you cannot imagine life without it. It is vital to keep your home free from electrical hazards. You have probably heard about accidents of electrical fires now and gain. It is a good idea to avoid even the smallest electrical problems. That is because if they are left, they can become a huge threat to your life. The following are some of the causes of electrical fires.

Old and Faulty Appliances and Sockets

Most old appliances are worn out and damaged. They fall short of modern safety standards. Some of the major fire causes include worn out wires, old sockets, and receptacles. You should note that frayed wires can send heat to natural combustible objects such as rugs and curtains.

Light Fixture

Installing high wattage bulb or light in the socket meant for low wattage bulb is another problem that can cause a fire. Ensure you always use recommended bulb wattage for sockets.

Plugging Too Many Appliances

You should note that extension cords are not designed to be used permanently. When you plug in too many appliances into a single cord, you overburden the socket by giving rise to dangers of an electrical fire. Thus, if you need extra outlets, you should hire an electrician to install them.

Wrong Placement of Portable Heaters

Most homeowners keep their water heaters close to combustible objects such as near-bed sheets, curtains, clothing, and more. It is a good idea to use a radiator heater as it diffuses the heat from the surface of the appliance.

Old Wirings

This is another common cause of fire in homes. Whenever the house gets cold, also the wirings get cold and frayed. Even wiring capacity is not sufficient to handle modern high wattage appliances such as microwave, television, and air conditioner. Thus, you should consider upgrading your wiring system if it is older than 20 years.

A responsible homeowner pays attention to potential fire problems. One of the things to monitor is the circuit breaker. You should note that breaker tripping is a safety design feature. It is meant to prevent the breaker from overheating. If it trips frequently, it is a sign that your appliances are drawing too much power. It can also indicate that there is a short circuit somewhere. You should not keep pushing the breaker, but call an electrician to find and fix the problem.