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5 Pointers When Writing Newsletters For Your Fast Courier Brisbane

Is this your first time to compose a newsletter for your fast courier in Brisbane city? If yes, let me give you some pointers on how you can write it effectively and reap your targeted goals after the recipient finished reading it.

Your email message must be easy to read

Avoid at all cost writing a newsletter that isn’t relevant to your target recipients. For example, if you intend to send these email messages to homemakers who are busy doing errands and other family duties, compose shorter email messages that are easy to read.  Be sure your newsletter relays the correct message you wish the reader to get a good grasp.

Send messages at the right timing

When sending email messages like newsletters for your email marketing campaign, it would be a good idea if you find the right timing to send them. I’m sure you don’t want your email messages to be discarded easily or deleted due to the recipient’s busy schedule. Observe the best practices when sending fast courier Brisbane newsletters. Right timing really counts like sending them midday would be a wise move, rather than bombard your target recipients early in the morning when they just woke up.

Use catchy headlines

One of the reasons why a target reader will be tempted to open an email message is due to the caption or headline of the newsletter. Take time when drafting your newsletter. Be more creative when you start your headlines. Use catchy titles to attract a reader’s attention and open your newsletter.

Attach a call-to-action move

For a newsletter to become effective, it should deliver a positive outcome like a direct call-to-action move. This could only happen if you make it a vital part of your newsletters and other business email messages. Make sure you attach a link back to your website or include your contact details, so that the reader can easily access you once he or she decided to avail your fast courier Brisbane services.

Add a personal touch

Always add a personal touch on your newsletters. Make an effort to address them at a personal level. Keep in mind, no one likes to read an email message that sounds like a robot or contains too many sales pitch. If you already have a mailing list of your recipients, it would be more appealing to use their first names. Lastly, end your newsletters and other email messages with your personalized signature, so that the reader will know that you did take time to do it on your own.

Taking holiday accommodation booking to a whole new level, Franz Josef Glacier New Zealand

About Franz Josef Top 10 Holiday Park

‘Franz Josef Top 10 Holiday Park is an ideal base for exploring Glacier Country. Our park is situated amidst an awe-inspiring NZ West Coast backdrop – lush rainforests, snow-clad peaks and the vast expanse of the majestic Franz Josef Glacier.

We offer a wide range of accommodation types to suit all travellers. We have modern top motels, self-contained units, lodges, a range of cabins, powered and tent sites. This accommodation range is matched with excellent communal facilities, and our peaceful rural setting, with the towering Southern Alps visible from all around the park.’


The challenge for Franz Josef Top 10 Holiday Park was to stand out from the crowd and create a point of difference between them and the numerous other accommodation providers in the region.

Booking accommodation online can be a risky business so the challenge is to set customers’ minds at ease and to allow them to make an informed purchasing decision.


Google Street View Trusted provided a marketing tool that allowed potential customers to ‘try before they buy’. The virtual tour enables visitors to view the area, accommodation options and the facilities prior to making a booking and to engage with Franz Josef Top 10 Holiday Park before they even arrive.

The virtual tour takes the power of images to a whole new level, taking visitors inside the exact accommodation available to stay in while visiting the area.

Google Street View Trusted

Google Street View Trusted offers a high-quality interactive tour of a business’ interior. This panoramic, 360-degree view is used in Google search results to guide traffic and engagement. This allows visitors to explore the holiday park to quickly and easily see the décor and standard of the accommodation as they decide where to stay while in the Franz Josef region.

To learn more, visit

Benefits of Google Street View Trusted for customers of Franz Josef Top 10 Holiday Park

  • Business View extends an invitation to customers to visit inside your business with a virtual tour

Benefits of Google Street View Trusted for Franz Josef Top 10 Holiday Park

  • They have been able to enhance their online presence across Google
  • Google Business View is a simple, fast and affordable process

Benefits of Google Street View Trusted in general

  • Business View photos can be embedded on a business’ website with simple HTML or Google Maps API
  • The virtual tour can be published on Google Maps and Google+ pages
  • A Google certified Trusted Agency will complete premium quality photo shoots around businesses’ schedules to minimise business interruption
  • Photo shoot results can be live on Google in a matter of a few weeks in order to start achieving real results

So what are you waiting for?

  • Contact a Google certified Trusted Agency
  • Schedule a time for your photo shoot
  • Relax – now your photographer takes care of the rest
  • Check out your virtual tour online

In New Zealand there are two Google certified Trusted Agencies, of which, Mint Design is one. We’d be happy to discuss Google Street View Trusted in more detail and how it presents a fantastic marketing opportunity for your local business.

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3 Signs an RV Retirement is for You

This can be an incredible way to spend your golden years, but it’s not for everyone.There’s far more to retirement than just not having to work. It means the opportunity to live life on your own schedule, to make your own agenda and finally do some of those things you never quite got around to. With that in mind, it really shouldn’t be surprising that more and more people are choosing the freedom and adventure of an RV retirement. While an RV rental is the go-to choice for casual holidaymakers, these folk are going the whole hog and buying their own mobile retirement accommodation.  But this kind of lifestyle (and yes, it is a whole different lifestyle) isn’t for everyone – would you be suited to the RV retirement dream? Below are some of the biggest indicators that you’re ready for the amazing experience of a retirement on the road.

1.You’re not attached to ‘things’

If you measure your success or happiness by how much stuff you have, you may want to rethink your RV retirement plans. Life in a motorhome is all about quality experiences as opposed to material possessions. There’s not enough room in an RV for a whole lot of unnecessary stuff but the good news is, you really don’t need it anyway. Those who are happiest when meeting new people and making fresh discoveries are prime candidates for the RV retirement lifestyle.

2.You love the outdoors

Although RV living provides a few more amenities than camping, the fact remains that there’s not a whole lot of indoor space – so you’ll be spending a fair bit of your time outdoors. Plus, traveling in an RV is the perfect way to explore wild environments. Whether you decide to tour around some of the country’s most beautiful national parks or head into the deep desert to enjoy the isolated tranquility of an alien landscape, if you get a buzz from being out and about in nature then an RV retirement may be for you.

3.Your ‘home’ is wherever you lay your head

Some people have a very strong sense of home; a deep attachment not only to the place where they live but to the community that surrounds that place. This is perfectly natural but if you yearn for somewhere you can put down roots, then a life on the road may not be the best choice for you. However, those with a touch of wanderlust will find that an RV retirement gives you the freedom to strike out for new horizons whenever the urge takes you – a wonderfully enticing prospect for those seeking variety and excitement.

Of course, even if you’ve decided that buying an RV and spending years living a nomadic life isn’t quite your thing, RV rentals are still an easy way to experience the exhilarating freedom of motorhoming. An RV rental in the USA or beyond could even help you decide if this unique lifestyle is an opportunity that you’ll one day embrace.

Written By: Phil Wright

Involved in the travel industry for over 15 years, I draw on that experience regularly in my position here at As a motorhome holiday enthusiast I have done plenty of travelling in New Zealand, Europe, Southeast Asia as well as North and South America. I’d like to add Africa to my list- but I think I will wait until my kids are a bit older first! Until then I will be creating interesting travel related articles to help give you the information you need to plan your next big motorhome adventure!

How to Strengthen Your Online Fast Courier Sydney Company?

Business minded people find their luck through online businesses due to some reasons, either to venture to a new career path or earn extra income. Any business takes a good deal of planning, implementing and determination before the business owner can see positive results. As you focused your mind in finding the best formula to strengthen your fast courier Sydney, let me share with you these tips on how you can achieve this goal.


  1. Use promotional tactics to retain consumer’s trust

Even how successful your fast courier business, it is essential that you continue to add spices on your marketing strategies in order to retain a valued customer’s loyalty for an indefinite period of time. One of the most effective ways to ensure continuous support from your customers is by giving promotional offers like exclusive discounts, loyalty reward points or saying “Thank you”.


  1. Analyze the behavior of online users

As competition among online businesses gets tougher, business owners must learn how online shoppers behave. Perform survey on how much time an online user is willing to spend browsing a particular product or service. Find out the specific needs or wants of these online users and come up with a fast courier Sydney offer that only you can provide.


  1. Use social media platforms

The use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites are considered to have powerful influence to their huge number of followers and your business could benefit from these channels right way. Know your target customers, where they thrive most and connect wisely.


  1. Get your online business certified

With a lot of fraudulent activities happening on the web community, online shoppers are becoming extra vigilant when spending their hard earned money. Their main goal when they shop online is to feel safe. In order to build this trust to your online clients make sure your site is secured against fraud. The surest way to fight this problem is to have your fast courier Sydney certified. Your seal of certification for safety must be fully visible on your website.


Never stop finding improvements for your online business and do the necessary changes if you feel that particular action is the right thing to do. Remember, there are instances when changes could bring more favorable results, so be ready to explore them in order to have a stronger company.


What a jumping castle offers in Blacktown

Jumping castles are exactly as the name suggests. They allow little kids and pre-teens to bounce around like Tigger of Winnie the Pooh fame. Minus the ever present tail, they can vault up and down with ease and comfort inside the rubber and air-filled rides. If organizers do request it, they too can allow adults more than their share of fun and share memories with their children. But more than just castles, the fun-lovers get to enjoy slides, mazes, basketball games, gladiator fights and many more by getting jumping castle hire Blacktown.

Perfect for birthdays, indoor or outdoor parties, weddings, corporate events, and family reunions, jumping castle hire Blacktown offers a wide variety of choices for fun in these events. Bouncing in laughter can come in various shapes and sizes. While usually rectangular like the slides and the castle, the mazes call for a square shape type of enjoyment. The inflated rubbers normally range from 3 to 6 meters in width and length. The variation in the measurement would be perfect for several events depending on the scale and the age bracket.

The best thing about jumping castle hire Blacktown is that it is run by people with certified abilities to deal and associate with kids and pre-teens. They are highly-skilled professionals who take pride and joy in sharing the happiness and the excitement of the participants. They are both adept in supervising the fun and in helping others take a watchful eye on their kids. Since safe is a requisite in this business; the staff is very particular in instructing both renters and the children themselves about the rules of the bouncy rides.

Part of the skill they are known to practice is in making sure the equipments used are in prime condition. Everything that is used in the event are religiously maintained and thoroughly checked before being delivered to the location. Exceptional hygiene maintenance is also guaranteed with the use of their equipment.

As always dialling the number pads on the phone would be the quickest way to book. Talking with their trained staff would ensure that the caller’s pressing inquiries and clarifications would be more than thoroughly answered. If asked, these people can also provide plenty of recommendations based mostly on their long experience with providing such service. Sending an email or going to their website would also be another way of getting one’s queries answered as quickly as possible.