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Chicago Charter Bus and the Coolest Drives

Group tours take a more exciting route with the coolest drives across the Windy City. The metropolis is not just a place of magnificent architecture. It is also where infrastructures become more than pleasure to the eyes. You and your group will surely love your Chicago getaway as you see the amazing views along the metro’s roads. In order to have an outstanding group drive, make sure you book a Chicago charter bus for your transport service. A lot of people discovered the remarkable features of contemporary chartered rides and your Chicago getaway should experience the benefits of bus charters.

Why choose a Chicago Charter Bus?

Charter buses have overflowing features that make this form of transportation highly recommended and downright fun. Joyrides are made even better and with the rest of the group tagging along when on board a charter bus. Here are some of the reasons why chartering a bus is better than other types of transportation today:

  • Charter buses have air-conditioned interiors. Although cold and chilly in some parts of the year, Chicago visitors still need an air-conditioned bus for their group tour. Stay fresh, comfortable, and stress-free on board luxury charter buses with a stable temperature-controlled vehicle.
  • Charter buses have spacious and plush seats. Long drives may leave you tired and haggard in the long haul. This is not the case with charter buses. Chartering a ride allows you to stay comfortable in your seat with the plush and comfy upholstery. Most seats also feature reclining designs to suit your body’s need to relax and stretch.
  • Charter buses have entertainment amenities. Most charter buses have entertainment amenities such as TV, DVD, and microphone among others. Other bus types such as party or theme buses have more elaborate designs and amenities such as a DJ booth and dance floor.
  • Charter buses have in-bus restrooms. An in-bus restroom guarantees your comfort anytime, anywhere, even with the longest travels. You can use the restroom and avoid frequent stopovers.
  • Charter buses have separate luggage compartments. No more cramped spaces inside the bus because your luggage and other stuffs are easily stashed away in a separate section.

Cool Drives in Chicago

Check out the following drives ideal for the group’s joyride:

  • Chicago Skyway Inbound
  • Lower Wacker Drive
  • The Green Line on Lake Street
  • The Entire Western Avenue
  • LSD Past the Science and Industry Museum
  • Straight through Humboldt Park
  • Columbus Drive via Grant Park